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  1. I have information that backs up the idea that neothink is a higher level of mind. I have done basic research that showed that some people operate on a higher mind level. My research showed that those neothink people wrote in a pattern of ten. Generally the pattern of ten was by paragraphs. As a person writes he decides to make a new paragraph when he wants to show that he is expressing a new idea.
    I did my original research by counting the vocabulary of words of cycles of ten in newspapers and magazines. Early in 1991 I did it for the nationally syndicated columnist Jack Anderson. I found that each of the ten parts had a particular quality, which early on my research I gave the parts these key words: fruitful, authoritative, communication, reject, sociable, spiritual, action, enlighten, inadequacy, and expansive.
    I did a test for authors that wrote in the neothink sequence of ten in the Sunday, February 2, 1992 and Sunday May 3, 1992 Oakland Tribune. I did word counts for the total of each of the ten parts and found what words came out the highest for each part. I found that the words that came out the highest related to those key words, which makes it a scientific proof for my research.
    Likewise, I found 17 authors writing in the Shift Magazine that wrote in this same sequence of paragraph by paragraph. That research I put on the internet in the web site of expertclick.com. That was in 2005 and it showed the results of the word counts totals for each part.
    To show that my research of the pattern of writing in a cycle of ten relates to neothink, I did likewise the study of the neo-tech advantages, which were numbered 1 through 114. That is in the Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets. Those numbers relate to my discovery of a cycle of ten. So #1 the nature of man and woman relates to the part of fruitful, #2 child of the past relates to authoritative, #3 carving one’s own destiny relates to communication, #4 dogma and rules eliminated relates to reject, #5 good and bad action relates to sociable, #6 abandoning the neocheaters relates to spiritual, #7 prosperity and happiness goals relates action, #8 happiness test relates to enlighten, #9 rewards from life relates to inadequacy, #10 the highest cause relates to expansive. It continues in the same sequence through 114.
    To give an example how the parts relates to the neo-tech advantages, I’ll consider the part of sociable. First, we should be aware that the key word I chose doesn’t give the full meaning of the part. The sociable part also includes the idea of marriage, complementary relationship, harmony, good, beauty and etc.
    Look how just the title of the advantages for sociable relates to the idea of sociable: #5 good and bad actions, #15 avoiding sacrifice, #25 valuable books, #35 value of emotions, #45 achieving psychuous pleasures, #55 physical beauty/ sexual roles, #65 two types of romantic love, #75 joy and happiness, #85 rejecting mystics and neocheaters, #95 four levels of communication, #105 self-awareness vs. mystical “Awareness”.
    People not influenced by neothink don’t write in this pattern. They may write in a cycle of ten with a different arrangement. Each person has a different pattern. I find that people younger than middle age rarely if ever write in the neothink pattern. So neothink is real, which can be seen by relating to the pattern of a person’s writing.

  2. Tiffany Mills says:

    I actually have this book, I have read most of it but I have yet to finish (its a BIG BOOK). I am excited and yet scared, I’m not sure I am naive or just clueless, but I believe. Just waiting to see what new happens in my life. In the article above I did see the mention of middle age people writing in the neothink process could that be my problem and why I cant make anything happen for myself just yet. I just turned 29 and struggling to still find myself, work, raise 3 little people and finish school. I don’t know what is instore for my future I just would like to be successful and enjoy life and my children. What’s next?

  3. elmer antonio pena says:

    I not so good writing but i will love that any of you contact me please i cant say what is my gift but I was in contact whit a employe of yuor company but Ilost comunication and IM still have too many question so please raplay as soon as you can thank you

  4. Kevin Cook says:

    This info has changed me for the better and I hope to reach the point of a true god man

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