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August 15, 2009

Mark, It’s A Great Honor!

It is a great honor for me to be representing you and Neothink® to the masses.

The information I have obtained and the inner growth I am experiencing by taking your words and bringing them to life as a role model and mentor, is beyond description. However, I know you understand. You have offered me a unique and wonderful opportunity. I am proudly moving it forward.

Yes, I use the metaphor Long Distance Runner because I was a cross country runner as a teenager in High School. I remember the freedom and exhilaration I felt as I ran through fields, over streams, through brooks, around lakes and woods. I could smell the clean air and use my imagination as I stretch my physical being to reach my objective, but I took advantage of the journey to my goal and looked around me, using my senses and tenacity which helped me achieve my goals.

We are all doing this now, as we journey to the C of U. Yes we fall, possibly, sprain our ankles, skin our knees, get scrapped by the bushes or over hanging limbs, but we we can get beyond that small hurdle and reach our destination. We just don’t completely stop and give up, we find the ways along the path we are running and bandage up our ankles, put ointment on our scrapes etc. and keep going forward. The true Long Distance Runner sees and envisions the goals…. then focusing, focusing to reach the objective.

FYI: I feel it is time for me to start including (Steve F, Neothink® Man) in my communication. An honor and recognition that is time to be brought public.

Thank you again,
Steve F
Neothink® Man

What Others Say


I wish I would have known about this literature earlier in life. I would not have had to go thru all the trauma and heartache I’ve gone thru thus far.


I now have clear vision. I now fear nothing. I know what is right. I guide my life away from brain rotting mysticism. I can instantly spot cheaters and mystics in an instant (there is a heck of a lot of them). Most importantly, I live. Thank you for your direction.


My husband turned me on to Neothink, and it’s being really helpful opening my eyes, to be aware of the Cheaters in business and in politics. It enables me to recognize these Cheaters, and allows me to strategize on how to deal or not deal with them at all, thus allowing me to succeed and be happy in the business world. It has also helped me in my relationship, but I still need a lot of work in that area, because of all the past Neo-cheating bullshit I have been brainwashed with since I was born. Thanks for assisting my growth and success as a person in life.

T.O.,, Australia

There is so much fascinating reading on this site I love it.


Sometime ago I received The Neothink Discovery, a very large book that discussed the evolution of ordinary people becoming Millionaires/Entrepreneurs and the Bi-Cameral Mind. I was devastated! But, the readings of this Manuscript filled my mind and changed my thinking of very important subjects–God, Man, Business, Children… Wow! Neothink is definitely what I needed to understand my existence–I could not understand why everyone in my surroundings was succeeding and I was constantly falling backwards or barely moving! I now fully understand.


I think Neothink is the best. I am a firm believer in it and will always be.

What Others Say


I read the book three times.  It has changed my life for the better. Please expand the web site , help our minds grow.


I understand and actually feel compassion toward the individuals that leave such painful ‘negative comments’ about Neothink. Their lives have been seriously hurt by others promoting the life destroying philosophies that are behind every parasitical livelihood. The horrible destructions on 9/11/01 would not have occurred in a mystic free civilization (which these ‘negatives’ promote). The contrast between the positive comments and the negatives reflect the true difference between moral and immoral people.

Thank you NT people. . . you are a breath of fresh air in a real ‘anti-civilization’.

K.M.,, Australia

You tell people about the hidden threat that is about to start, the world is in a very dangerous position!


I absolutely love this site .  It has changed my outlook more than any other readings.

R.A., Canada

Life is always interesting for the Neothink man and that is the case for me at this point in time and space.


I find your site to be invigorating and a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being a light in a very dark misguided world

M.L., Philippines

This is a fantastic discovery finally revealed to mankind. Thinkers should know this stuff for their benefits.


The History of Love and Sex was a great read and very informative.

What Others Say


I am overjoyed to find something in this world like NEOTHINK. It makes my thoughts gel into ways that make my own thinking clearer and easier to follow. It puts life in a way that clears my head and sends my random thoughts in the right direction. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! ! ! !


First time in my life someone has said it like it is. I have to say that it is about time that someone had the gonads to say it out loud. I am looking forward to leading the life of integrity, honesty and the right for all to prosper and enjoy this life we have.


It pulled me out of a depression. May the wise and free find their way to Neothink and help dethrone the anti-civilization of the world.


In reading ‘The Book’ from Mark Hamilton, I finally can make sense of that which has always bothered me about our society and the unhappiness that I see in my own life as well as that of my family and friends. Neothink is the key to existence. Keep up the good work….


Keep sharing Neothink with humanity so we can ALL finally wake up from the nightmare of the Anticivilization.

What Others Say


I want to say that RTR (Road to Riches) is Mark Hamilton’s best editing work. His super high-intensity editing is what elevates the new Neothink writings to new heights of integrative power. With every new reading, more strings in the spider’s web are revealed. That’s what RTR is.  It’s the ultimate spider web to trap all dishonest, destructive, irrational ideas forever.


A great web site that provides a stimulating shock to the lazy brain!

K.K.,, U.S.

This site is a great discovery for thinkers and intellectuals. I believe it should stay online for the benefit and advancement of mankind.


Now, after reading The Story, Neothink has become a lot clearer and it has blown away the boundaries. Please keep the site on the web, it’s fantastically valuable.

S.B.,, Australia

Fantastic, it is the greatest of journeys.  I’m amazed how productive I’ve become; my self-esteem is at level 200.


The Bible, philosophy, and human history all integrated and plausibly and rationally explained at last ….Brilliant! Tim


Extremely insightful, many lessons to be learned…from philosophy to ethics to business, has helped me become a better person.

J.S.,, England

I am enthralled by this discovery.

What Others Say

M.E.,, México

Neothink is a great achievement.


Thank you for the awakening.


Mysticism’s demise is imminent


It is so wonderful. I now see how much energy I wasted on believing in after life. I look back on my life and can see all the time I was unhappy because I believed in mystical ideas. My mind feels clear. I feel I am grounded in reality and not in fantasy land. The information in the first book proves to me where my thinking was wrong. It all makes perfect sense. I never trusted the government’s logic but now I see that they are value robbers and only I can be the value producer. I am a senior in high school

l. I feel now I am more prepared for the world. I feel more motivated to live life to its fullest and be successful. I am finally getting my act together and try harder in school because that is the only way to be happy. I hope someday your web sites or books will be in every home because it will change America into the world it was meant to be.

K.L.,, Canada

I was very pleased with the Neothink Protection Kits. These kits have served me well on several occasions. Here in Canada, the political system is different than the United States. I quickly realized that it did not matter what political system was used against me. The protection Kits are very valuable.  Thank you, Neothink.


I have been reading and studying Neothink for 5 or 6 years and find it to be the most validating information on life, living and thinking tools available for a productive and happy living. VIVA NEOTHINK!

What Others Say

M.S.,, England

Neothink reflects the underlying plans of the Universe. Did god play dice with the Universe? No, Neothink Neo-thought it! The Civilization of the Universe, here we come…


Neothink information and the way it’s communicated is so profoundly pro-life, pro-consciousness, pro-values, pro-reality, I simply can’t get enough of it.  And it’s so easy to read. Every sentence and every word is so exciting.  It just draws me in while an excitement builds within to where I don’t want to stop reading. Neothink is showing me the way to a far, far, better life than anything else out there.  Actually everything else out there seems so irrational and archaic. Neothink is giving me the intellectual and emotional fuel to live a Neothink life.


I want this site to remain online because you guys post a ton of great information that benefits my life. The sections on finding love and the Pocket Therapist I found extremely interesting.


I have been a N/T owner, since 1987, I at that time was a long time alcoholic, had attended numerous self-help seminars, at no avail. I had been a charismatic bible thumper, even with my drinking. In 1995 I was involved in a serious auto accident (while drinking) nearly killing me and two other person in the other auto. I decided at that point with the knowledge of N/T and the strength it gave me I would never touch another drop of alcohol again, and I have not. The information contained within the pages of N/T have given me the gift of happiness and wealth of and a new look at my future health.

Ron & B.G.,

I have just received The Book a couple of weeks ago and find its contents very amazing. I am beginning to see things differently in this government controlled world.

What Others Say

G.S.,, Spain

Neothink is giving me something I lost long ago: passion for life.


Neothink is a sign of things to come, or at least I hope so for not only myself but my children and their children.

C.H.,, United Kingdom

I love Neothink literature… it holds so many great values and has so many great values to offer everybody… What is amazing to me is that I have reached a level of integration that has bought me to the realization that my success is now inevitable. I now know exactly the steps I need to take to succeed… this is because I have found my ‘Friday night essence’. Once you find your essence, success is inevitable. Not only do I now know the steps… but, I am now taking them every day. The clarity of what I have to do every day to succeed is so clear that it staggers me. What I love about Neothink is its ever evolving nature; despite now focusing on my business I am always drawn back to the Neothink web site because I feel as I integrate its new concepts, I further evolve. Neothink should stay on the web because it gives people what they really need… not hope, or faith but mind cleansing honesty.


The greatest gift I’ve ever received in life!

Tom Binns,, UK

Neothink is my strength.


I love Neothink and everything that it has done to enrich mine and my family’s life through hard work and discipline. Thank you.

What Others Say

H.M.,, Canada

The information supplied on the NT site and also the books have given me the hope for a better life.

L. Singh,, U.K.

The most profound information I have come across


I think Neothink is power in its’ purest form. The power of Neothink is so simple yet powerful most people will shun from it. I have experienced this when friends would ask about my personal views on life. When I say that Neothink is power, I mean real value-producing, life-enhancing power not a power that fades in and out from day to day, month to month, or year to year.

J.M.,, Scotland, U.K

Neothink is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise toxic anticivilization.

S.P.,, UK

Neothink is an outstanding contribution to understanding the universe that we live in. May it continue to grow and turn our world the right way up, at last.


I have read almost the whole Book. I found myself not being able to put in down. I am very enlightened by what I have read.


To any neo cheat that may be reading this site, you will fail in the end and the end is sooner than you think


Neothink leads the way in clearing out mysticism and in building a future we choose instead of one we only inherit.

What Others Say


I am so thankful I have found the truth. My life has changed in every way. I look back and I cannot fathom how I ever lived in that mind set. I am filled with more warmth and joy now than I have ever been in my entire life. Thank you

J.R.,, UK

The Neothink world is a very bright place to be!


I am sure that Neothink is the world’s greatest hope for a safe and happy future. The collapse of mysticism is essential. I have watched the World Trade Towers fall at the hands of envious mystics.


I have purchased many Neothink products.  They have opened my eyes to the truths and realities of the world and all the deceptions and lies that are out there.


This information is essential for everyone and for many of us it has changed our lives. There’s nothing better than finding one’s Friday night essence which leads to happiness to oneself and the creation of values for those around him.


After watching what happened to the Twin Towers, I can see that Neothink is needed more than ever. It is no longer a matter of what you believe. It is now a matter of life or death.


Hello, I, just like all genuine human spirits, have a hole gouged in my heart because of the World Trade Center attack. The only refuge I could find was my knowledge of Neothink and how I am going to stay focused on the true meaning of life. Neothink is the most powerful, no BS information I have ever experienced. I hope everyone can sooner than later learn the power and benefits that the Neothink concepts can give to all conscious human life. So simple; so powerful. I can’t describe the feeling with words…