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Mark, It’s A Great Honor!

It is a great honor for me to be representing you and Neothink® to the masses.

The information I have obtained and the inner growth I am experiencing by taking your words and bringing them to life as a role model and mentor, is beyond description. However, I know you understand. You have offered me a unique and wonderful opportunity. I am proudly moving it forward.

Yes, I use the metaphor Long Distance Runner because I was a cross country runner as a teenager in High School. I remember the freedom and exhilaration I felt as I ran through fields, over streams, through brooks, around lakes and woods. I could smell the clean air and use my imagination as I stretch my physical being to reach my objective, but I took advantage of the journey to my goal and looked around me, using my senses and tenacity which helped me achieve my goals.

We are all doing this now, as we journey to the C of U. Yes we fall, possibly, sprain our ankles, skin our knees, get scrapped by the bushes or over hanging limbs, but we we can get beyond that small hurdle and reach our destination. We just don’t completely stop and give up, we find the ways along the path we are running and bandage up our ankles, put ointment on our scrapes etc. and keep going forward. The true Long Distance Runner sees and envisions the goals…. then focusing, focusing to reach the objective.

FYI: I feel it is time for me to start including (Steve F, Neothink® Man) in my communication. An honor and recognition that is time to be brought public.

Thank you again,
Steve F
Neothink® Man



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